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HP Laserjet 2500 Install

123 HP Laserjet 2500 needs a basic setup and installation. Steps for connecting your computer with a wired or wireless network. To start the Printing process required the HP Laserjet 2500 install the software either automatically or manually.

Unboxing HP Laserjet 2500 Printer, HP Laserjet 2500 Install

  • Unbox the hp lj2500 printer from the box.
  • Remove all the tapes on the outer surface of the printer.
  • Remove the packaging material from inside the printer.
  • Take out the tape from the ink cartridge access door.
  • Open the input tray, pull it close.
  • Then, remove the packaging tape.
  • Place back the input tray until it clicks back to its place.

Connect Power Cord to HP Laserjet 2500 Printer

  • Connect the one end of the power cord to the printer.
  • Then plug the other to the electric board.
  • Turn on the HP LaserJet 2500 printer.
  • On the control panel, choose your preferred language, and country/region.
  • After that, touch “yes” to confirm.
  • Select the “date and time” and then Touch Yes for confirmation.
  • Continue the below steps for hp laserjet 2500 install the ink cartridges.

HP Laserjet 2500 Ink cartridges Installation

  • HP Laserjet 2500 Install the ink cartridge present in the printer box.
  • Raise the ink cartridge door until it locks itself.
  • Take out the cartridges, be careful while touching the black plastic on the ink cartridge.
  • Hold the cartridge by its side and remove the plastic tapes.
  • Then, insert the ink cartridge in the slots until it fits into place.
  • Close the lid once the insertion is over.

HP Laserjet 2500 Load Paper into the Input Tray

  • To load A4 paper on the input tray, open the input tray door and it towards you.
  • Place the paper and adjust the Paper with guides.
  • Place the paper in portrait orientation with the facing downwards.
  • Do not place more than 250 sheets.
  • Push back the stack until it stops.

Re-Install the HP Laserjet 2500 printer

Sometimes while printing, we may get a message saying failed to print job. HP Laserjet 2500 printer connection is resolve by following the simple four steps given below:

How to Reconnect the HP LJ2500 printer

  • To connect with another printer, choose the connection type.
  • If the printer name is visible and the connection does not establish, click on the retry button and proceed.
  • Tap on the power button to turn off the printer.
  • Close the other operations currently running on your system.
  • Click on Reboot the PC.
  • Chance will be more than the issue will get resolved.
  • But, if this is not working follow the below steps.
  • Uninstalling the HP Laserjet printer software is the best option to proceed.
  • Other possible solutions for troubleshooting are available on the hp laserjet 2500 problem fix Page.

How to Uninstall HP Laserjet 2500 Printer Software

  • Follow the below steps to uninstall the 123 HP LaserJet 2500 printer software.
  • Uninstall the printer driver program from your PC, before the reinstallation of the HP LaserJet 2500 driver.
  • If the USB cable is connected with the printer, separate the USB cable from the printer.
  • Similarly, browse for Windows and click on the Program and Features from the options given below.
  • Then, from the list displayed below, select your 123.hp.com’setup 2500 printer name, and uninstall.

How to Reinstall the latest driver from 123.hp.com’setup

  • Primarily, switch on the printer.
  • If the printer is connected with the USB cables, remove all the Power cables connected from the printer.
  • Then Move to the HP printer support center for – software and driver downloads.
  • To identify your item, select the printer and type your printer demonstrate number and click on the submit button.
  • If there is a need to make changes in the working framework, click on the changes, and discover your 123.hp.com/lj2500 printer and snap-on change once.
  • From the driver heading, click on the download for downloading the complete software packages.

HP Laserjet 2500 Install

How to Restart the computer and hp Laserjet 2500 printer

  • To restart the computer and printer, primarily, turn off the printer.
  • After a while, close all the running applications in your PC and click on reboot your PC.
  • Again switch on the computer.
  • Click on the HP Printer Assistant, by this process you can open the Printer assistants.
  • You can see that the issue will get resolved.
  • The printer is ready for work. Get support for your hp Laserjet 2500 printer issues.
  • If the HP Printer Assistant can’t open, Restart the printer.
  • If the HP laserjet 2500 setup and software seem to slow, restart the PC and 123.hp.com/lj2500 printer.
  • By doing so, the connection will get established again and your printer will be ready to print with the supreme quality.